Once Upon A Time

I may be accused of bending too far over in this post, but I’m a romantic at heart, plus I love analogies that can be used to point us to our condition and who we’d be apart from Christ.

That being said, I’ve recently become a big fan of the TV show “Once Upon a Time.” I only heard of its existence within the past few months, thanks to my mom. Basically, it’s about all the fairy tale characters you read about and saw in movies as a child, but they all interact with and live in the same land. The evil queen (from “Snow White”) terrorizes them, but there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye. She seeks vengeance by putting a curse on them, which sends them to our world; a town named Storybrooke. There they are given false memories and don’t remember their world or real past (except of the evil queen, who keeps her memory and is the mayor). Snow White and Prince Charming have a baby girl, Emma, right as the curse is arriving. They stick her in this magical wardrobe, which will only transport one person to our world. They believed that on her 28th birthday, she would return and save them from this curse.

There’s a lot of actors in it (Ginnifer Goodwin, included) that I really like, and it’s always cool and soothing to see so many familiar faces in one TV series. Plus, who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? The way their stories intertwine is so intriguing and makes for a suspenseful, fun watch.

As I quickly made my way through the whole first season, my overactive mind kept finding these analogies within the stories to us and our relationship to God, and His plan for us. Obviously the curse the evil queen cast on all the fairy tale characters that plucked them out of their world and made them forget who they were, reminded me of because of sin were were cast out of the Garden of Eden and we were blind to our need to salvation. But because our Savior, Jesus Christ came and lived the perfect live and died the perfect death (for our sins), and because God chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, He has allowed the Holy Spirit to open our eyes, so that we are no longer under the curse, but are free from it; although we are trapped in these bodies and in this world until Christ comes again, as He has promised. And much how Charming and Snow sacrificed raising their baby and put her in an enchanted tree wardrobe, God sacrificed His only Son by allowing Him to die on the cross in order to save and reconcile us to Him. Of course, Snow and Charming didn’t have to let their baby die, and none of these fairy tale analogies carry any weight in comparison to what God in Christ has done. I just find it fascinating and beautiful when secular stuff still points back to a higher power, and our need for a savior.


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