For the Love of Literature!

I had to re-post this from Desiring God’s site for several reasons; all of which make me tingle with the delight of God’s awesomeness from the tips of my toes to my head. John Piper said, “After preaching on the inestimable value of God’s inspired word on August 11, I was so moved that the desire to say it again another way kept urging me on. So I wrote this.”

Reason #1

I have this nerdy delight in all things literature, especially when it comes to the Holy Spirit revealing truths from passages I’d never seen before.

Reason #2

I always admire people who can turn anything into a flowery poem, because I can’t. Go figure, right? I get all nerdy and find great amusement in rhyming things. For instance, have you noticed that the script: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear,” on your side car mirrors. I pointed that out to Chris the other day and he just guffawed. Oh, and let me take this moment to give a Happy Birthday shout-out to my bucket of awesome, boyfriend, Chris! Don’t change….as Mitch would say.

Random graphic insert:

Reason #3

Both my dad and brother, Haden are fabulous at creating beautiful, soul-stirring poems and this reminded me of them.

Reason #4

Piper wrote a poem on the exact passage I read and studied for my Bible devotion today.

Now you look at those reasons and tell me God is not awesome. Love it. Got my happy dance on. Ok, you don’t have to be as excited as me, but I wanted to share this poem with you, so that you can be encouraged and blessed through it.


A Meditation on 2 Timothy 3:14–17

Stay, Timothy. Stay in this firmament,
This world of light within the world. Relent
From wandering, from chasing mist. Remain!
Outside awaits the glistening world, insane.

Stay, Timothy. This sky, this vast terrain
Where you now stand, is not a painting, vain.
Nor is your mother fanciful. God wrought
This world. You were not fooled, but brought.

Stay, Timothy. A thousand flowers, fraught
With heaven’s milk and holy fragrance ought
To make you stop, so strewn with deity
This sacred garden spreads. Eternally.

Stay, Timothy, my son, and do not be
A fool. The brightness here is how you see
Your way to heav’n. And there is shadowing
That shows in silhouette your shining King.

Stay, Timothy. Remember, everything
In this bright world is beneficial. Sing,
And feast on holy food, and taste the way
Of love. Then it will be your joy to stay.


Rachel B. Duke


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