Summing Up Your Identity

“Symbolism exists precisely for the purpose of conveying to the imagination what the intellect is not ready for.” – C.S. Lewis

What would you say if asked by a new Christian or an unbeliever, “What is the Christian life?” and you didn’t have time to give them a mini series or several sit-down sessions; yet you wanted to give them a solid definition for them to think about? I challenge you to think about what you’d say. Hey now, I saw you look down….don’t do it. ::raising eyebrows playfully::

Recently I was presented with a very helpful definition of the Christian life. It’s not original with that person but I do think it worth memorizing and mediating on. As all good definitions, it focuses, clarifies, sharpens and aids good thinking. While it’s hardly exhaustive, I can tell you it’s accurate.

The Christian life is the life of Christ reproduced in believers by the power of the Holy Spirit as they strive to obey the word of God.

I can honestly say that I didn’t have a one sentence answer nearly as good as this one. It will undoubtedly provoke further discussion (i.e. “What does the life of Christ look like?”, “I don’t understand what the Holy Spirit is or how He impacts my life….”, etc.) but I also wanted to share this with you all because most importantly it will help you. I also encourage you to comment on this post and share a one sentence definition you’ve used in the past or one you’ve come up with after reflecting on this one.

The best sermon and definition of the Holy Spirit was by JR Vassar: Experiencing the Holy Spirit. Great listen. I learned so much and my heart was blessed and convicted.

Here’s a short video clip of JR Vassar speaking on the Holy Spirit:


Rachel B. Duke


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