God’s Wisdom: not about knowing ‘why?’

“James 1:5. James says, ‘If you lack wisdom, pray for wisdom and God will give it to you.’ Let me tell you what that DOESN’T mean. What that doesn’t mean is: Pray that you would know ‘why?’ God’s doing what He’s doing. That’s not how God’s wisdom works. Getting wisdom from God is not being able to explain about why and how things happen, but knowing how to respond to them in a way that honors God and brings about your good. You cannot let the things you don’t know, keep you from finding strength in the things you do know.”

– JR Vassar

I strongly encourage you to download and listen to his full sermon: Answered and Unanswered


Rachel B. Duke


2 thoughts on “God’s Wisdom: not about knowing ‘why?’

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