Seeing Gray

“If food is the prose of a party then lights are its poetry.” – Meet Joe Black

As many of you know, I took my first (albeit very last minute) business trip to the city of Las Vegas. It was also my first time to step foot in Vegas. Let me just give you some of my colorful first impressions: Disney World for grown-ups (so yes, “romantical” is definitely not in the mix), Ocean’s 11, dry hot wind, no clouds, “drinks all around!” (definitely Captain Jack Sparrow’s sort of place), and a small taste or should I say “smell” of Europe with all the second-hand smoke.

The Bellagio fountains had to be one of my most favorite parts of Vegas. I marveled at the intricacy and just the overall tech savvy needed to not only create but time the fountains to each musical number played. Vegas came alive at night and suddenly more magical and surreal with all the lights beckoning madly for your attention. Oh, and the people watching….and I thought the 5K in Dallas was the real deal….uh uh….THIS place was the world series of people watching. I enjoyed every night there and was blessed to meet and spend time with some awesome individuals for that season in time.

So now that the “high” of Vegas has worn down, I’m on quite the opposite end of the spectrum.

After the colorful Vegas, the view from which I now sit seems rather gray.

There is so many more details to share but you shall just have to ask me. Off to chase some color.

Peace out,

Rachel B. Duke


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