Blushing Beauty

“O blush not so! O blush not so! Or I shall think you knowing; and if you smile the blushing while, then maidenheads are going. There’s a blush for want, and a blush for shan’t, and a blush for having done it; there’s a blush for thought, and a blush for nought, and a blush for just begun it.” – John Keats

This month’s InStyle magazine inspired me and compelled the elegant woman in me to write a blog about a color; and not just any color. This is the color that looks flattering on every woman regardless of skin, hair or age: BLUSH.

Blush. Soft and feminine, this universally flattering and versatile shade is an easy way to make a bold statement – quietly.

It’s the color that God created to come to your cheeks in the glow of youth, in happiness and in endearing embarrassment. In every generation, artists are inspired by it.

Powder blush was introduced to the world in 1863, when Joseph-Albert Ponsin, an actor and found of Bourjois cosmetics in Paris, created an alternative to the messy grease-based rouge used onstage. He brought out the natural color in a woman’s face so that every women could wear makeup without looking like a prostitute.

My favorite three ways to enjoy blush in all its decadence: material, perfume and wine.

Wine: Fruity blush wine originated in the U.S. in the ‘70s and evolved into the drier, classier rose already popular in Europe.

Perfume: My all-time forever favorite scent that makes me feel effeminate and powerful is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. It has a light, airy, pleasing to the senses, seductive scent.

Material: I think with this color, the material should be breezy, silky or see-through-ish. It gives a women a look of voluptuous vulnerability, yet with a sophisticated edge. (find dress displayed at top of post on BHLDN)

Well there you have it – why I love the color blush, a little trivia – AND it’s not just this season’s “in” color – it’s the color that is always in style.

Peace out,

Rachel B. Duke


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