Infinitely More Clever

I stumbled across this video clip that one of my friends had posted on facebook. This little girl blows my mind and is so darn precious. Her big brown eyes that are too big for her face remind me of my own pictures from childhood. I want my daughter to be even infinitely more clever than this little one. Maybe it’s the language making her sound more sophisticated but this little one is WAY more educated than our kids in America seem to be; and already saying words like “tremendously” and talking working theology into her fairy tale. Sad to see what the education in this country has come to. My child would of course have a better grasp of heaven this this girl does “dead in heaven,” huh… Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Infinitely More Clever

    • Thank you! Your words and interest mean a lot. I hope to update and totally revamp it by the end of next month – I’m SO excited – it’s going to be EPIC (I hope). Already found a website and template I want to build it on…just need to build it and transfer…just a couple of linguistics to figure.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, please do stay tuned for more. I’m super excited to be revamping/redesigning my entire site asap. Can’t wait to hear people’s feedback on it and what suggestions my readers might have.

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