Chocolate Milk: The New Water

Got Milk? Make it chocolate. You know why? Because new research shows that drinking a glass of chocolate milk after a physically demanding workout, helps replenish muscle and aids your body in the post-workout recovery process.

Isn’t it awesome to have a scientifically, legit reason to consume chocolate in a healthy way?! Thought so. Personally, I’d recommend either the low-fat, Horizon or Over the Moon chocolate milk; they are both pretty much “the bomb” when it comes down to the perfect combination of healthiness and tastiness.

But before you get too carried away by your chocolate cravings, there are a few guidelines to when drinking a glass of milk after exercising is appropriate. According to the article on fitness, a post-workout drink like chocolate milk is most useful to a cyclist, swimmer, or long-distance runner. This is because these particular sports emphasize high endurance levels and steady, continuous movement.

What about water then? Well, water is always good for you during a workout but it only replaces sweat loss – yeah, that’s about it. Chocolate milk does that, plus more. It provides carbohydrate replenishment for the muscles and gives them something to metabolize, according to Jason Karp, MS, and researcher on this topic. There’s nothing to metabolize in water.

So, drink deeply of the healthy benefits of chocolate milk and in knowing that not everything associated with diet and exercise is unappetizing.


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