All the Craze

“You’re a Grace Kelly to her Katharine Hepburn.” – Michal Elseth

I didn’t know that sipping diet cherry Pepsi with ice cubes from my Anthropology coffee mug, after a long, hot run could be SO delightfully refreshing! I’m one happy woman right here and right now just because of that – haha!
Michal and I decided to go on a five mile run – a break from our normal gym routine – after work today. Yes, you read “five miles.” I have a hard time believing it myself. Oh my gosh – news flash – I forgot that every Tuesday night the Navy band plays at Iwo Jima, right where we run. Can you say, “WOW!” Hundreds of men in their sharp Marine and Navy uniforms – I almost swooned and stopped my run just to soak in the sight. The sight of it all reminded me of “Pride and Prejudice” when Mrs. Bennett, Lydia and Kitty scurry into the town of Merrytown to greet the long line of militia and flirt with the officers. Kitty says to Lydia, “But how will we meet them?!” Lydia replies, “Easy. You drop your handkerchief, they pick it up, and then you’re introduced!” Silly girls. Michal and I looked sharp ourselves though and definitely got checked out – mmhmm – haha!
On the run back (I had never pushed myself this hard), when we had run back past the busloads of Marines and Navy officers, I had to stop because of how tight my chest had gotten. One of the Marines asked, “Are you okay? We have water if you need some.” Gasping for sweet air, I replied, “It’s okay. I may look like I’m dying, but I’m fine.”
I think the iPhone/iPod is one of THE most genius of inventions. Music brings me so much joy and I more often than not want to burst into song – but I think I would get stared at by passer-bys – alas one of the luxuries of having one’s car.
Tomorrow is Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! It seems so surreal and almost wrong that this day is already here. I’m going with Hillary, another intern from The Washington Times – we even pre-ordered our tickets – whoo hoo!!! Go Team Edward!!! And no, I don’t have OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder) – okay maybe a very mild case – haha! Okay I’m done with Twilight for now – I know how it makes some of you cringe or roll your eyes – but go ahead – I’m not ashamed.
Oh, and get this, does it ever seem that when you’re have a great day and life is beautiful to you, that everyone else’s day is like their WORST day ever?! My timing is so off but then a part of me is glad, because then I’m there to support and cheer them up. I’ve been working on my positive outlook on life and keeping things in an eternal and spiritual perspective helps me to do so. I seriously don’t see how people survive without the joy and fulfillment that can only come from Jesus Christ.
Time for bed! Hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend with friends and family! I know mine will be WILD!!! Parties and activities all weekend! Remember to pray for my younger brother Haden, as he leaves for his five week internship in China tomorrow! Brace yourselves, most likely my next blog will be all on Eclipse – haha!
Peace out,
Rachel Duke

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