Reflections and Shadows

“Just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me, while I’m alone and blue as can be. Dream a little dream of me” – Dream a Little Dream

Out of the cool darkness, a gazebo that appears to be made up entirely of lights of every bulb size, magically twinkles. Two of the young couples glide gracefully, while a third couple seems to move a little slower and more awkwardly. Upon closer examination, the girl, wearing a leg cast, has been placed with gentle care, on the tops of her boyfriend’s feet. It is no longer an awkward dance they are doing, but a beautiful one as they dance together as one. The other two couples suddenly exit the dance floor in way too close succession, in my mind’s eye. I puzzle at this.


“He must have gotten his ‘scare’ on,” Michal concluded with a matter of fact voice, in response to the puzzlement that must have escaped my lips. I was so startled by the thought and as it struck both of us as funny, we started giggling. I’ve never thought of Edward Cullen – looking all dashing, dancing with Bella, getting his “scare” on.


Oh, the great girl’s nights full of relaxation and laughter. I have a feeling this week is going to especially long, weird, trying, fun and interesting all at once. After my friends Jeff’s graduation party last night, I leaned forward and hugged Michal from the backseat. I sighed woefully and said, “Michal, I think I’m homesick – I think I need to watch Twilight.” Haha – love my logic there.


This is one of those days where I feel I have nothing particularly clever to say, and one of those weeks, where plenty has happened in the way of life, but I somehow don’t feel it’s worth putting down on paper.


I have to share my dad’s response to one of my statuses on facebook this week. This was also a week of where we girls were talking about love, men, and relationships. Great, insightful, lively discussions that were backed up by Scripture and encouragement. So, I myself wasn’t merely listening this week, I too shared my sentiments. What we talked about was nothing new, but it helps to say these truths aloud. Basically some of the conclusions we vented about were: Men like to have their cake and eat it too – They enjoy having all the privileges without the status – Also they enjoy shirking away from the main point you’re making in order to make you look like a fool and to avoid anything being pinned on them – escaping directly answering anything you confront them with. Anyway, my status read: Men are like politicians; Oh wait, politicians ARE usually MEN. I thought the analogy fitting. My dad’s reply kept me in stitches, so I hope you find it funny: “Politicians are like diapers. They both need to be changed often and for the same reason.” Great man, my dad; he’s spoiled all other men for me.


I think my parents have only grown more in love, and more adorable since my brother and I left home for college. My dad and mom will go out on dates with each other and my dad is so insightful and sensitive when it comes to my mom. Mom is so loving, and you can tell she thrives in doing thoughtful little things for my dad and taking care of him. They often love playing around and teasing each other – SO awesome! I thank God for their marriage of almost 28 years.


Speaking of my little family, I am beyond excited to see them for the first time in a month, this Wednesday!!! They are coming into D.C. and staying through next Monday!


Well, I shall hope my wit and good humor returns shortly; I so dislike being stuck in this rut. This week’s resolution, among many: Take more pictures!!! Tomorrow I have work – so I shall bid you all a good night and adieu. Let me know how I can pray for each of you or if there’s anything you want to share with me. I miss and love each of you – even if I’ve been awful at staying in touch. Have a great week!!!


Peace out,
Rachel Duke

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