Like a Medley

“Eighty-five percent, cocoa chocolate and organic peanut butter is like a really handsome man with a really great voice asking me to marry him.” – Michal

Today was a banner day for so many reasons!!! But, as Mr. Collins said in “Pride and Prejudice:” “Before I allow my emotions to run away with me….” I will work through the jumbled emotions and reactions in my head in order to work them out on paper for each of you to understand in a more organized fashion.
It all started out with groggily waking up to a head full of allergies – always a cheery way to start one’s morning. Then came the getting ready for work part and the quick grabbing of a granola bar for breakfast before rushing out into the cool, sunny morning on the way to the metro.
I sit down in my cubicle at The Washington Times and set my gym bag to one side and my J. Crew leather bag (which is always a big hit with all the ladies) to the other. Reaching down into my bag I grab my notes to begin writing the article on women and their struggle with pornography – heavy stuff. Michal’s voice floats softly across the mostly deserted newsroom floor: “Rachel, check out The Washington Times online home page.” “Okay,” I thought to myself. “Interesting request.” I hollered over, more loudly than a whisper, “One second!” Opening up to the homepage of the Times I saw the bold headline: “Military abortion issue returns.” It’s the story I had worked on for hours that had beaten the stuffing out of me, yesterday! Whoop, whoop!!!! I was so surprised that I simply sat staring blankly, with my jaw hanging open, at the computer screen. Then came the jumping up and down, and squealing like a high school girl with major hormonal issues. Thank goodness no one but Michal was around to hear me act in such an unprofessional way. I hurried towards the main lobby of the building and grabbed five newspapers. The article has been cut out of one of them in order to hang it on the wall above my bed.
The next couple of items that made this a banner day can most likely, although I’m not promising, be summed up in a few short paragraphs. Oh, the test of space. Wow, there are just so many little neat things about my days that bring me such joy and I wish I could share every one of them with you all – but this will have to suffice. So, tonight was the season finale of Glee!!! I can’t decide but I believe I’m mostly happy, but sad at the same time. What will I do without Glee for the next few months?! It didn’t end as I was expecting, which is both good and bad. Believe me, there was lots of tears and laughter. The moment I had been waiting for all season long had finally arrived about half way through the last episode – Finn told Rachel, “I love you.” Everybody on three – 1, 2, 3 – Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! The songs equaled awesomeness. Josh Groban even made a guest appearance and Sue Sylvester surprised me most of all. I can’t wait to buy all the songs from tonight’s episode on iTunes!
The Eclipse movie soundtrack was released today!!!! So stoked – June is a great month! The new iPhone 4G is being released in Apple stores near you on the 24th, and I’m due for an upgrade!!! Eclipse comes out in theaters on the 30th – so going to the midnight showing – like I’m so there it’s insane. Oh, and I ran four miles today and felt nothing but greatness and a sense of accomplishment – knowing that I had worked up to that stamina. Thanks to “Coach” Michal – haha!
Well, tomorrow she and I will be covering different events in the afternoon – so neither of us will be going into work. I’m covering something to do with the tea party movement – just up my alley.
Peace out,
Rachel Duke

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