For the Amore of Annapolis

“Ya know, sometimes you gotta learn to love what’s good for you.” – Charlie Swan (New Moon)

I have been both charmed and seduced. Okay I know at this point you must be thinking what Westley in “Princess Bride,” said with a quizzical brow, in response to Inigo asking him if he happened to have six fingers on his right hand: “Do you always begin conversations this way?” – haha! Let me finish before we jump to conclusions shall we? I find that I could very easily live in Annapolis. We went there for a day trip (my family and I). It was a perfect day and very fitting for celebrating Father’s Day! This is the second time I have been to Annapolis. I liked it “okay” the first time I saw it – but today I had more time to explore, take pictures, and explore a lot of its nooks and crannies. Its charm definitely crept up on me and before I knew it, got the better of me, and it was love – haha! I was very jealous of all the people out on their boats – one of my favorite things is to be racing across the open water with the wind whipping my hair around and the sun kissing my skin!
I am always sad when the weekend is over – but I think it’s one of those rare occasions where I’m sadder than usual about it all being over. This was definitely one of the best weekends ever for several reasons. My family has been in town since last Wednesday and they are leaving Tuesday morning – this is a sadness. The bright side is that not only did I get to spend Father’s Day with my dad this year, but that mom will be coming to visit me again in July!!!
Annapolis was wonderful – actually that’s a pathetic word for it – fail. There were a few hilarious episodes that happened while we were there, that kept me in stitches. So I’ll share some with you. The first happened, right after we found a parking spot when we arrived. I had dozed on and off during the trip there – I find that I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere these days. Anyway, back on track here: We were walking along the sidewalk towards the center of the town – Mom was in the front, followed by Dad and Haden, then me a little further behind getting my camera out. An elderly woman was approaching us and so I moved over a little on the narrow sidewalk to make room for her. As she passed me, I heard this sound, which sounded like a squeaking, deflating balloon. At the same time I figured out what the sound was, Haden cocked his head, looked back at me and said, “Rachel…” At that point I exploded in pealing laughter, bent over double. I explained to them that it wasn’t me – we were still laughing and Dad and I were so tickled – actually Dad was more tickled at how tickled I was. As we continued to walk we passed this sandwich shop called The Big Cheese. Yeah, you probably can already guess what I thought and what I said to Dad. Turning to Dad I said through my fits of laughter, “I think she definitely enjoyed her lunch at The Big Cheese.” (ya know, “cutting the cheese”?) – haha! Dad pretended to be shocked and said laughingly, “Prissy!” (yeah, that’s my dad’s nickname for me – don’t even think of using it.)
We visited this little shop called Capitol Tea that all sorts of teas and accessories in it. I sampled some of their Peach Tea. It was good but you could more smell the peach than taste it. That’s why some teas have always been frustrating to me. I like flavor and richness to hit my pallet every time. I looked at the guy (who looked like the last person in the world who would be selling tea. He was around my age, ear piercings, dark hair and clothes) and observed that the taste was “dull” and “bland.” He looked at me and said, “We in the world of tea prefer such elegant words as ‘subtle’ (etc.)…” I just looked blankly at him and shrugged. Whatever, he and the world obviously don’t appreciate how my own vocabulary brings something more to the table, enhances ordinary words, and brings a new meaning to life – I of course say this in the most humble, manner of fact way – haha! There was also this garden that mom discovered and showed me, although you had to peep over a stone wall to see it – it felt like a version of “The Secret Garden.” There was a wedding reception going on there – SO romantic!!!
All good times must come to an end – on the drive home, as I was listening to Bethany Dillon’s “For My Love,” I happened to glance out of the window, up at the sky, to have my eyes catch the most unusual cloud – at first it looked like lungs – but looking closer, it looked like the two forms of a man and a woman, strolling leisurely out of the mist on their way home after a romantic dinner and dancing. Their heads are leaning towards each other, her arm hooked through his. He has a fedora on and she an elegant long dress – whispering tender, sweet nothings and laughing about their evening and at each other’s wit. True lasting love shines in their eyes and radiates on their faces. It made my heart ache. Simply beautiful. That is all.


There are pictures of the Annapolis trip on my facebook – yay – I have started fulfilling my resolution to take more photos! I also made progress on my second resolution to wear brighter colors and bought some magenta lipstick from M-A-C.
Peace out,
Rachel Duke

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