Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

“Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?!” – Marianne (Sense and Sensibility)

The clock seems to tick faster as I am sprawled out, with my legs up, on the plush, somewhat worn and dirty, leather recliner, which used to be white but is now more yellowish in hue. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind people who buy white leather furniture. I think it is rather ironic that people typically buy it because it’s pleasing to the eye yet, inevitably and eventually, it turns into an eyesore. I would call the soft pitter patter of the rain a soothing lullaby and romanticize the description of it had I not been out in it all day long. It has been a constant, annoying drizzle as we walked from Metro to Metro in the D.C. area with merely two little umbrellas shared betwixt four girls.

My feet, if they had a mouth, would be moaning and screaming at me in agony as I forgot to pack flats in my purse this morning before heading over with my roommate, Michal, to the National Press Building. Thank you, Mom, for packing Aleve! You would think I would not have forgotten that important detail, having lived in London for five weeks last summer doing study abroad through Southern Methodist University. I went D.C. for the first time when I was nine, but am enjoying it so much more as an adult, a lover of all things historical, and as a journalist. To me, it feels like a miniature version of London.

I have got to tell you at least a little bit about the apartment I’m staying in, which is located in Rosslyn, Va. It looks like an ordinary brick building, and you have to have a key to buzz yourself in at the second set of glass doors. So you sort of feel like you are in a New York apartment building. We even have a guy at the front desk 24/7. Our apartment number is 236, which is cool because 2×3 = 6 – yeah that’s how I remember it anyway. When you walk a very short distance down the hallway, which they have at Arctic temperature, we are the first door on the left. Inside our studio apartment, the entire left wall is composed of mirrors. It struck me as odd and I immediately thought of the scene in Jane Austen’s Persuasion, when Admiral Croft is about to rent the Elliot estate. He walks into Mr. Elliot’s bed chamber and exclaims when he notices all of the looking glasses in the room, “I’ve never seen so many looking glasses. There’s no getting away from oneself.”

Michal and I are hard at work to make our apartment look more homey and girly. There was a huge American flag hung opposite of the wall of mirrors that we both concluded looked way too much like a bachelor pad. Just this evening, we took down the sign of independence and expressed our own liberation; ironically with a poster of the London skyline.

First day of orientation went fairly well and I really like all the interns I’m with in Group 2. Fortunately, Michal is among them. We were all a bit antsy to know with what media outlet we had been placed with. Both Michal and I squealed and hugged each other as a way of congratulations as we found out that we both were working for The Washington Times. Michal looked over her shoulder grinning and said, “It’s such a ‘God thing’!”

Well, like I said, the clock is ticking fast and reads 1:08 a.m. Sleep is beckoning. Lessons have been learned today, and tomorrow is round two. I begin with The Washington Times on Thursday. I can’t wait to hit the gym or go running around the Potomac! Goodnight my friends and loved ones. As Michal’s friend tells her, “Sleep sweet!”

Peace out,
Rachel Duke


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